- 199 recetas para ser feliz 2008

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Държава: Чили, Испания

Година: 2008

Категории: Драма, Европейски

Дата: Май 01, 2012


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия - 199 recetas para ser feliz 2008

Andres Waissbluth's film centers on a group of depressed middle-class intellectuals living in Barcelona. Tomas works in publishing and his wife, Helena, is suffering after the recent death of her little brother Milo, who was swimming on holiday with his girlfriend Sandra when he drowned. After a posthumous postcard arrives from Milo, it throws Helena deeper into her funk, and it's only when Sandra arrives unannounced at their doorstep, that the couple begin to take stock of their lives, and look at what's making them so unhappy. A plethora of European art-house erotica follows, as a love triangle forms between these strange characters.

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