After the Truth - Nichts als die Wahrheit 1999

5.0After the Truth
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02:02:51 минути

Държава: Германия, САЩ

Година: 1999

Категории: Криминални, Драма, Трилъри

Дата: Юни 03, 2013


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: After the Truth - 1999

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Рецензия After the Truth - Nichts als die Wahrheit 1999

This powerful, award-winning film tells the story of one of the greatest challenges the legal system has ever faced. Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous “Angel of Death” in Auschwitz, and one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, turns himself in after 30 years in hiding to tell his “truth” to the world. Thus ensues a battle between conscience and evil...

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