Бедната крава - Poor Cow 1967

5.0Бедната крава
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Държава: Великобритания

Година: 1967

Категории: Драма, Европейски

Дата: Януари 16, 2014


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: Бедната крава - 1967

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Рецензия Бедната крава - Poor Cow 1967

A young woman lives a life filled with bad choices. She marries and has a child with an abusive thief at a young age who quickly ends up in prison. Left alone she takes up with his mate (another thief) who seems to give her some happiness but who also ends up in the nick. She then takes up with a series of seedy types who offer nothing but momentary pleasure. Her son goes missing and she briefly comes to grips with what is most important to her.

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