Белият кон - Mard 1985

4.1Белият кон
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Държава: Индия

Година: 1985

Категории: Екшън, Драма, Индийски

Дата: Септември 25, 2008


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: Белият кон - 1985

Коментари: 3

Рецензия Белият кон - Mard 1985

British intelligence comes over to India and loot all its wealth and carry it over to there country. Once they were being challenge by a brave king name Raja Azaad Singh, one day he happen to confront them and take them over to Lady Elena where some justice was being thought to them but they turn back and attack Azaad Singh on his back and he was wounded on his left arm. He contact Dr. Harry and was again attack but this time he sent away his wife and new born baby son by putting a mark on his arm. Fearing that the baby may fall into the British arm his mother decides to leave him into an orphanage. Later on the boy grows up and was called Mard with intelligence to protect his own country, a woman name Jamuna and her husband brought him up.On a chance encounter he happen to meet up with beautiful and charming Ruby on a mischap and later on found out it was Dr. Harry's daughter, on a strange incident both Ruby and Mard falls in love. But her father had other plans for her to marry slave master and stone hearted Danny who harasses Ruby and Mard alot but soon he meet up with a slave and later on found out that it was his mother. He happen to meet up with another slave too later in which he had to fight and the two found out that it was father and son because of the mark on Mard's arm since childhood. They had to fight in order to impress the British. But because of a horse name "Badal" and a wonder dog name "Moti" they were able to eliminate the British and saves the country's future.

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Dobri Ivanov

Събота, 25 Юни 2016г, 20:14

kaka da gkedam filma

Joro Qnkov

Сряда, 30 Декември 2015г, 03:05

Joro Qnkov

Сряда, 30 Декември 2015г, 03:06

Nai qkiq film