- Black Forest 2012

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Година: 2012

Категории: Ужаси, Фантастика, Фентъзи

Дата: Декември 10, 2012


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: - 2012

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Рецензия - Black Forest 2012

In a giddy, hammy, over-the-top performance that would rival 1960s William Shatner doing William Shakespeare, every year on the Midsummer’s Eve, local guide Ben Cross gleefully convinces unsuspecting tourists to take a lil trip to the countryside to see the gorgeous happenings at one particular node. But wouldn’t you know it, tis a doorway to a fairy tale dimension complete with a troll under a bridge, a big bad wolf, fairies themselves, a pseudo savior in the form of one tourist’s dead wife, and all sorts of Brothers Grimm inspired beasties lurking and hunting in this particular enchanted forest and honestly, the beasties should be able to stay fat for centuries because hey…be vewwy vewwy quiet, they hunting stupid humans AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don’t wait till we get home, just shoot me now.

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