Добрата линия - The Fine Line 2008

Рецензия Добрата линия - The Fine Line 2008

  The greatest snow sports athletes join the world’s leading avalanche professionals to bring you a new movement in avalanche education. “The Fine Line” is a cinematic journey that unites the cutting edge of winter sports with youth education about responsible backcountry usage. Along with massive avalanches, epic riding, year long time-lapses, crazy true stories, cable cam cinematography, and Alaskan heli to heli, educational materials are made clearly visible. This engaging, and inspiring DVD can save lives.
"Best Director" - X-Dance 2009
"Best FILM" - Livino Mtn Film Festival 2009
"Best FILM" - Cold Smoke Awards 2009
"Best FILM" - Fernie Mtn Film Festival 2009
"Best Concept" - Powder Awards 2009
"Best Cinematography" - Cold Smoke Awards 2009
"Official World Tour Selection" - Banff Mountain Film Festival 2009

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