Dr. Akagi - Kanzo sensei 1998

5.0Dr. Akagi
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Държава: Япония, Франция

Година: 1998

Категории: Военни, Исторически, Азиатски

Дата: Август 03, 2013


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия Dr. Akagi - Kanzo sensei 1998

Dr. Akagi is an energetically rendered portrait of Japan in the last year of World War Two. Japan's defeat is imminent. Akagi (Akira Emoto), a family doctor, tries to help his patients and pursue his medical research as the world falls apart around him. The war, in fact, may have driven him mad but, this being an Imamura film, it's difficult to say. Hard times have pressed everyone to their limits. Families sell their daughters into prostitution, sons die at the front, doctors become drug addicts. Yet despite the bleakness of its setting, the film is an ebullient entertainment, the director amused as ever with the freaks and dreamers he puts on parade.

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