Fighting Elegy - Kenka ereji 1966

5.0Fighting Elegy
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Държава: Япония

Година: 1966

Категории: Екшън, Драма, Азиатски

Дата: Август 01, 2013


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: Fighting Elegy - 1966

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Рецензия Fighting Elegy - Kenka ereji 1966

In Okayama in the mid-1930s, Kiroku attends high school and boards with a Catholic family whose daughter, Michiko, captures his heart. He must, however, hide his ardor and other aspects of his emerging sexuality, focusing his energy on a gang he joins, breaking school rules, and getting into scuffles (he tells her, "Oh, Michiko, I don't masturbate, I fight". He comes under the influence of a young tough nicknamed Terrapin, and together they lead fights against rival gangs. Gradually, Kiroku and Terrapin align themselves with the right-wing Kita Ikki, and Kiroku becomes a stand-in for the attitudes of Japanese youth who embraced the imperialism leading to World War II.

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