- Fishing with Oliver Edwards (Fly Fishing) 1994

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Година: 1994

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Рецензия - Fishing with Oliver Edwards (Fly Fishing) 1994

Oliver Edwards has been fly-fishing for over forty years, and was in the England team which fished the World Fly Fishing Championships in the USA last summer. He is best known for his highly detailed nymph dressing and his river nymph fishing. He is in high demand for fly tying demonstrations and fly fishing teach-ins, and so far he has visited Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany and the USA. His first book Oliver Edwards' Flytyers' Masterclass was published in September 1994. This has also now been published in the USA, and German and Finnish editions are due out later this year. Oliver, who holds APGAI qualifications in fly tying and casting, says the biggest buzz he now gets from fishing is teaching people to fish classic upstream nymph to unsighted fish.

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