- Identity - Episode 2 2010

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Държава: Великобритания

Година: 2010

Категории: Криминални, Мистерия

Дата: Август 10, 2013


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия - Identity - Episode 2 2010

Bloom gets back with Turkish girlfriend Adile,whom he met whilst working undercover as Brendan to smash the Turkish Mafia. Meanwhile in Australia back-packer Olivia Knighton is murdered by Jane Calshaw,who uses her victim's credit card to pay for her flight home and finance a flat in a false name having befriended Olivia's mother. Calshaw is wanted for stabbing her boyfriend,putting him in a wheelchair, and is now out for revenge on her father, who caused the accidental head injury which accounts for her psychopathic behaviour. Mr. Calshaw is re-marrying and Jane kidnaps the bride.It's down to Bloom to get her to confess where she has imprisoned her victim.

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