In the Open - El campo 2011

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Държава: Аржентина, Италия, Франция

Година: 2011

Категории: Драма, Европейски

Дата: Септември 30, 2014


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия In the Open - El campo 2011

Elisa and Santiago are a young couple, parents of a 2 years baby girl. She is a beautiful woman with a consolidated career that now is not exercised because of their recent maternity. Santiago, in seeking to consolidate his ideal family, buy a weekend house in the country and they set there for a few days, with future plans. Away from the city and its routine contained, a strange feeling takes hold of her. She starts being afraid of the house, animals, neighbors, and feels her husband and daughter like complete strangers. But Santiago does not seems to perceive this and it creates a distance between them. A previous order ceases to have effect and the country proposes new rules, disturbing Elisa and Santiago, stripped of everthing, face the challenge of renewing their love learning how to be parents.

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