- Jhoom Barabar Jhoom 2007

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Държава: Индия

Година: 2007

Категории: Индийски

Дата: Август 11, 2007



Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия - Jhoom Barabar Jhoom 2007

Busy London station. Delayed train from Birmingham. Two strangers waiting for the train... Rikki Thukral (Abhishek Bachchan) born in Bhatinda, living in London; and Alvira Khan (Preity Zinta) more Brit than the Queen herself, however with Lahori blood in her veins.
Crowded caf?. One table to share. Two hours to kill. Perfect setting for the start of a love-story. Hitch? Both Rikki and Alvira are engaged and have come to pick up their fianc?s who are coming by the same train. To kill time, they end up telling each other their ?how I met my fianc?? stories. Rikki met his fianc? Anaida (Lara Dutta) at The Ritz (Paris), the same night that Princess Diana and Dodi walked out of the hotel and into the paparazzi. As Rikki says, ?When two lovers die, another two are a born?. They dance... they sing... they're in love!Alvira, a princess by nature discovers her prince at Madame Tussaud?s. When a gigantic wax model of Superman falls from the ceiling, Alvira is a sitting target. But Steve the Prince (Bobby Deol), a lawyer by profession saves her life but steals her heart! They also sing, they also dance and they also fall in love...Stories unfold, time passes, the two strangers start enjoying each other. That Alvira is a Pakistani Brit and Rikki originally from India... that Rikki is crooked, earthy, and rakish: dabbler in various businesses; that Alvira is prim-n-proper, wannabe blue-blood, stiff upper-lip: Asst. Manager at House of Fraser?s... none of these details matter. They have gotten alarmingly attracted to each other! Their brief encounter has created a complicated quadrangle... Rikki Thukral and Alvira Khan have gotten themselves and Steve and Anaida into a lovely mess... To get out of it both of them bend over backward, thinking quickly on their feet, dancing around each other?s emotions... After all when you?re playing musical chairs with love, there?s nothing you can do but... Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (Dance Baby Dance)!

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