- Kajraare 2010

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Държава: Индия

Година: 2010

Категории: Романтични, Драма, Индийски

Дата: Декември 10, 2010


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия - Kajraare 2010

Starring Himesh Reshammiya and the Pakistani find Monalaizza, Kajraare is a romantic love story set in the backdrop of the beautiful locations that are unexplored around the globe. The movie is a romantic thriller where a young man, a lawyer, (played by Himesh Reshammiya) falls in love with a girl (Monalaizza) in Morroco. But, one day, under some mysterious circumstances, the girl disappears. The man sets out to find her and finally traces her, to Heera Mandi, which is a red light area in Pakistan. He soon discovers that her past lies in the murky lanes of Lahore's red light area, Heera Mandi. From there the story unfolds about a man trying to run away from his past and a woman trying to escape her future and the unique love story between them. Directed by Pooja Bhatt and written by Mahesh Bhatt, Kajraare is a beautiful film that is musical and heart-wrenching. One knows the kind of history created with Aashiqui by the Late Gulshan Kumar and Mahesh Bhatt. Now, with the scions coming together, the expectations are at peak for this musical love story.

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