Камбанка и игрите в долината на Феите - Tinker Bell The Pixie Hollow Games 2011

3.8Камбанка и игрите в долината на Феите
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Рецензия Камбанка и игрите в долината на Феите - Tinker Bell The Pixie Hollow Games 2011

The movie opens with the fairies making final preparations for the Pixie Hollow Games. Rosetta, who is afraid of dirt, freaks out when Chloe (a new fairy in this story) drops a lump of dirt in front of her, accidentally getting her dirty. Silvermist quickly washes Rosetta off, who stops freaking out and thanks her. Silvermist then asks why Chloe has it who announces she has been training for and is going to be competing in the Pixie Hollow Games. Fern then selects Rosetta to be Chloe's partner in the games, who reluctantly agrees and Vidia looks forward to it by saying "This is going to be good." hoping Rosetta will humiliate herself. The night of the games, Rosetta wears a fancy gown, certain that she and Chloe will lose, as the garden fairies have had a losing streak in the games. Storm fairies Rumble and Glimmer (the four-years-in-a-row winners, who wear four winners rings each and want to get a final ring, 'one for the thumb') come in, and they begin the first game, called leapfrogging. Rosetta refuses to get onto the frog, and the garden fairies lose but are still in the competition because when Rosetta gets on, they accidentally smash the contraption holding the Healing Fairies together, which eliminates them.

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