Луда къща - Madhouse 1990

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Държава: САЩ

Година: 1990

Категории: Комедийни

Дата: Март 20, 2011


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия Луда къща - Madhouse 1990

Madhouse is a 1990 film starring Kirstie Alley and John Larroquette as a successful married couple whose idyllic California life is ruined when their house is overrun by unwelcome houseguests. This begins when their mail is delayed due to forwarding issues and they find out a cousin, Fred, and his wife, Bernice are coming to visit on the day they are expected to arrive. Though a little unpleasant, this only lasts five days...until Bernice falls on the way to the airport and is instructed by her doctor not to leave until she delivers (six months.) Things progressively get worse as a series of unfortunate events finds Fred gone to find himself and more and more people moving into the house, destroying it in the process. Ultimately, after fifty days of hell, the couple reclaim their home in a violent act of revenge.

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