- Money for Nothing 1993

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Държава: САЩ

Година: 1993

Категории: Комедийни, Криминални

Дата: Юни 29, 2013


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: - 1993

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Рецензия - Money for Nothing 1993

Joey, played by John Cusack, found a bag full of money out of the back of an armored car. Joey forced his friend, Kenny Kozlowski, played by Michael Rapaport, to drive Kenny 's car in the lake to hide the tire tracks. Unknown to them that a local boy witness them doing the crime. Joey tells Kenny that he's not going to turn the money in and decides to keep it for himself. Joey refuses to tell his family about it. The police are investigating the missing money and the local boy tells them about the car. The police found the car in the lake and trace it back to Kenny 's house. Later, the police heads to Kenny 's house. During that, Kenny 's Dad beats his son with a belt and Kenny tells the police that Joey took the money. The neighbors overhear this and word spread out around the city that Joey took the money. Joey and his girlfriend head to the airport to leave the country until they get arrested.

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