Nan quan wang - Red Dragons of Shaolin 1984

5.0Nan quan wang
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Държава: Китай, Хонконг

Година: 1984

Категории: Екшън, Азиатски

Дата: Януари 21, 2013


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: Nan quan wang - 1984

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Рецензия Nan quan wang - Red Dragons of Shaolin 1984

Punches and kicks fly in an effort to overthrow a cruel dictator in SOUTH SHAOLIN MASTER. Lin Hai Nan is a kung-fu master who saves a troupe of performers from thugs sent by relative of the Emperor. This angers the Emperor, who sends his most deadly agents after Lin Hai Nan. Lin Hai Nan is nonplussed, however, since his quest was to defeat the Emperor anyway. He hides out with the grateful troupe, honing his martial arts skills for his ultimate showdown with the Emperor and his men. SOUTH SHAOLIN MASTER is notable for its excellent fight choreography, presented with minimal editing to insure an unmodified view of it.

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