Сексът е нищо - Sex Is Zero 2002

4.6Сексът е нищо
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Държава: Южна Корея

Година: 2002

Категории: Комедийни, Азиатски

Дата: Август 01, 2006


Актьори: , , , , , , ,

Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: Сексът е нищо - 2002

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Рецензия Сексът е нищо - Sex Is Zero 2002

Sex is Zero" moves the sexcapades to college, where 28-year old Eun-shik (Chang Jung Lim) pines for Eun-hyo (Ji-won Ha). But their love is not meant to be (mostly because genre convention dictates it) because she only has eyes for the Big Man on Campus. With his pathetic attempts to win her over failing miserably, Eun-shik can only watch as while Eun-hyo falls into the arms of the BMC, only to realize (inevitably) that the BMC is not worth her love. Meanwhile, Eun-shik's dorm mates are on the make with Eun-hyo's female friends. Throw in a pair of hapless thieves who keep appearing everywhere (and who masturbates at every opportunity) and we have ourselves a Raunchy Teen Sex Comedy, Korean style.

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