Sleeping with the Enemy - In Love and the War 2011

5.0Sleeping with the Enemy
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Държава: Южна Корея

Година: 2011

Категории: Азиатски, Комедийни, Военни

Дата: Януари 02, 2012


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия Sleeping with the Enemy - In Love and the War 2011

Set during the Korean war, North Korean soldier Kim Jung-Woong (Kim Ju-Hyuk) aims to liberate the people, but when he meets South Korean Sul-Hee (Jung Ryeo-Won) in a village, he slowly starts to change ...

In 1950, residents in a rural village hears rumors of a war. Even though the country of South Korea is in a war, Seokjeongri is a remote rural village seemingly oblivious to what is occurring in other parts of the country. One day, while the villagers are busily preparing for the wedding of the village leader's granddaughter Sul-Hee, a high level North Korean officer Kim Jung-Woong and his troops appear in front of the villagers. The soldiers appear to be ready to takeover the village, but the residents seem elated that the soldiers have arrived. Jae-Chun welcomes the soldiers passionately and Mr. Baek helps the soldiers. The kind village leader and the warmhearted villagers disarm the soldiers. But, all of these actions taken by the villages are part of a calculated and shred strategy to preserve their own safety.

In Sukjungri, the enemies and residents start to mix together, but the war is going in North Korea's favor and higher level authorities in North Korea orders a secret mission.


В сайта за filmi филми.линк може да се насладите на най-богатия избор от Азиатски. Всички филми са добре подбрани и са прегледани под много-строг контрол. Резюмето към филма ще Ви даде ясна представа за развоя във филма. Sleeping with the Enemy / In Love and the War е верният избор, който ще удовлетвори всичките Ви претенции. Ние от Ви предлагаме най-добрите филми от Азиатски!

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