- Sorry Bhai! 2008

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Държава: Индия

Година: 2008

Категории: Романтични, Индийски

Дата: Декември 03, 2008


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Рецензия - Sorry Bhai! 2008

Siddharth Mathur, a shy young scientist, travels to Mauritius for his elder brother Harsh’s wedding. Accompanying him is his Ma, a reluctant traveller since she is angry at Harsh for deciding to get married without consulting them. Also travelling is Siddharth’s cheery father, whose sole entertainment is pulling Ma’s leg. Harsh, pre-occupied with work, can spend little time with his family and it is left to his fiancee Aaliyah to show them around Mauritius before the wedding. However, Ma’s anger at Harsh ensures that she takes an instant dislike to Aaliyah, and it is Aaliyah and Siddharth who end up spending loads of time together. This, added to the fact that Aaliyah feels justifiably neglected by the career-obsessed Harsh, added to the fact that Siddharth and Aaliyah have common interest- studies, leads to them being irresistibly drawn to each other. Siddharth is horrified. Aaliyah confused. They try their best to douse these feelings. But they keep coming back with renewed vigour. Soon all hell breaks looe in the Mathur family…

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