Тъмна сила - Dark Power 2013

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Държава: САЩ

Година: 2013

Категории: Трилъри

Дата: Юли 20, 2013


Актьори: , , , ,

Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия Тъмна сила - Dark Power 2013

When a crime-ridden city's mayor and his re-election opponent are both assassinated in quick succession, two investigating FBI agents discover that City Hall holds more secrets than just the identity of the killer.As their investigation deepens, the agents suddenly realize that they are confronted by a mysterious, centuries-old, powerful adversary, and they cannot trust anyone other than each other. When Archer and Driver suddenly become the hunted -- solving the murders becomes secondary to their own survival.

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