The Harms Case - Slucaj Harms 1987

5.0The Harms Case
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Държава: Югославия

Година: 1987

Категории: Драма, Европейски

Дата: Март 14, 2014


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: The Harms Case - 1987

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Рецензия The Harms Case - Slucaj Harms 1987

The film is based on the life and writing of Russian avant-garde poet of the 1920s Danilo Ivanovic Harms who has become a cult figure in Yugoslavia. Harms wrote about strange and absurd cases, only to became a “case” himself when he was persecuted by the Soviet authorities. The film describes a possible, but bizarre scenario of his last days in 1942. After the authorities have questioned him about his fictional literal characters and their whereabouts he is finally released. As he enters his flat he realizes that events he has been dreaming and writing about have suddenly become real. Namely, an angel looking for a beam, one of the “cases” he described, comes to him asking for help. Harms spends some time with him and his friends Irina and Zablocki wandering through a town full of surreal events and pictures. When one night he dreams about being executed by a firing squad, he is frightened that the dream will also come true.

В може да намерите най-добрата колекция от Драма. Всички филми са одобрени и са прегледани под много-кратен контрол. Резюмето към филма ще Ви даде ясна представа за случващото се във филма. The Harms Case / Slucaj Harms е отличен избор, който ще изпълни всичките Ви изисквания. Ние от Ви предлагаме най-новите филми от Драма!

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