- The Image 1975

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Държава: САЩ

Година: 1975

Категории: Еротични

Дата: Октомври 02, 2008


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Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия - The Image 1975

The Image at its core is about a relationship between three sexually driven characters. Jean, a suave and hansom middle aged man; Claire, a tart and bitter woman; and Anne, a quiet and beautiful young lady. As the film begins, Jean eyes the voluptuous Anne from across the room of a cocktail party. Intrigued by her beauty, he approaches her, but to little avail. It seems that Anne is busy with Claire, serving her and obediently listening to her demands. Jean, being a friend of Claire's, asks to become acquainted with the mysterious Anne, and Claire obliges. They go for dinner, and then to a garden the next day, and Jean realizes that there is more to Anne's relationship with Claire than what appears so. Anne is a sadomasochist who derives sexual pleasure from Claire's enforcing and cruelty. The first of such acts of pleasure occurs in the garden when Anne is forced to sexually caress and finger a rose bud in front of both Claire and Jean. This lustful act only escalates, as Claire forces Anne to urinate on, and rub herself with, the rose bud. The day at the garden ends, and Jean is left with the subconscious image of Anne and the rose bud in his mind. He approaches Anne again, but she again gives him the cold shoulder. Claire, gaining knowledge of Anne's coldness, forces her to be punished in front of Jean, officially including him in what has now become a passionate love triangle.

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