- Top hat 1935

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Държава: САЩ

Година: 1935

Категории: Мюзикъл, Комедийни, Романтични

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Рецензия - Top hat 1935

The story opens in London. Jerry Travers (Fred Astaire) is an American dancer (what else!) who is to perform in one of Horace Hardwick's (Edward Everett Horton) upcoming musical shows. They share a hotel suite together where Jerry has an urge to sing and dance. His tap dancing disturbs a sleeping patron in the room below. Dale Tremont (Ginger Rogers), the upset hotel guest in question, comes up to the room above to register her complaint. After Jerry meets his complainer, he immediately falls in love with her, and decides to soft-shoe her to sleep by dancing on sand after she returns to her room. During his stay in London, he pursues Dale whenever he can, and sweeps her off her feet by dancing with her in the gazebo in the park during a rain storm. Because she doesn't know his name, she affectionately calls him "Adam." Dale is to later meet with her best friend, Madge Hardwick (Helen Broderick) in Venice, Italy, who wants to play matchmaker and pair this single young girl with her husband's friend, Jerry. The fun really begins when Dale mistakes Jerry for Madge's husband, and matters gets further complicated and funnier when Madge, Dale and Jerry meet in Venice with Madge giving the impression of pushing "her husband" over to Dale. But poor Horace, the innocent bystander, who has never met Dale but had confessed to once having a fling with a designing woman, finding himself being threatened with the sword by the accented Alberto Beddini (Erik Rhodes), Dale's dress designer admirer, and later, for no reason being given a black eye from Madge, who by then has been told by Dale about "her husband's" pursuit and wanting to marry her. Also in the storyline comes Bates (Eric Blore), Horace's faithful butler. Because Horace believes Dale Tremont to be a gold digger out to trap Jerry, he assigns Bates to follow Dale everywhere she goes in order to find out what kind of woman she really is. Bates going about in numerous disguises are some of the highlights this drawing room comedy of errors...

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