Touchless - Bez doteku 2013

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Държава: Чехия

Година: 2013

Категории: Драма, Трилъри, Еротични, Европейски

Дата: Август 10, 2014

Режисьор: ,

Актьори: , , , , , ,

Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

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Рецензия Touchless - Bez doteku 2013

Jolana is not able to resolve her problems with her abusive stepfather and loses the ability to communicate with her friends and she sinks further and further into the closed world of her imagination. At home she is not capable of pretending to be a happy family, the world outside drains her. She is afraid, but she also allows herself to play submissive erotic games. The intolerability of the situation and a number of dramatic circumstances drive the main protagonist to a brothel, where her situation continues to escalate. But the question is what does Jolana actually want? Isn't an escape into her dreams better than the harsh reality that surrounds her...

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