Up, Down, Fragile - Haut bas fragile 1995

5.0Up, Down, Fragile
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Рецензия Up, Down, Fragile - Haut bas fragile 1995

Louise (Marianne Denicourt) has just awoken from a 5-year coma, and is determined to start a new life while pushing aside everything (boyfriend, family) that occupied her before her prolonged and involuntary absence from the world. Ida (Laurence Cote) was adopted as a child and is obsessed with finding out the identities of her biological parents, hoping that this knowledge will tell her something about her own identity. And Ninon (Nathalie Richard) is fleeing a life of violence that's shown in the opening scenes of the film, when a jealous ex stabs a man who she's dancing with at a club...

В сайта за filmi филми.линк може да откриете най-богатия избор от Комедийни. Всички филми са добре подбрани и са прегледани под много-кратен контрол. Резюмето към филма ще Ви даде ясна представа за развоя във филма. Up, Down, Fragile / Haut bas fragile е отличен избор, който ще удовлетвори всичките Ви изисквания. Ние от filmi.link Ви предлагаме най-новите филми от Комедийни!

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