Wake Up and Die - Volver a morir 2011

5.0Wake Up and Die
1 гласувал

1:20:22 минути

Държава: Колумбия

Година: 2011

Категории: Ужаси, Трилъри

Дата: Декември 07, 2013


Актьори: ,

Възрастово ограничение: 13 години

IMDB: Wake Up and Die - 2011

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Рецензия Wake Up and Die - Volver a morir 2011

A woman wakes up next to a mysterious man she's never seen before. Wondering what happened, she is seduced by the man and brutally killed later on in a moment of passion. As she awakes over and over again and to the same fate, she must dig into her fading memories to learn about the killer's true identity in order to save her own life.

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